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Nils & Abbas Trading Co LLC
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Mr. Nils J. El-Accad
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United Arab Emirates
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Established in March, 1994, as a limited liability company, Nils & Abbas Trading Company L.L.C. is owned by Mr. Nils J. El-Accad and managed by Mr. Jens A. El - Accad. The company started their operation as the local support for Loos Boilers and CompAir Demag air compressors and has subsequently grown to represent as many as 19 internationally reputed companies in the fields of compressed air, steam and industrial automation. Nils & Abbas caters to our clients' needs by providing individualized engineering solutions and turnkey packages. COMPAIR (GERMANY) THE LIGHTWEIGHTS (that pack a heavyweight punch) COMPAIR BREATHING AIR SYSTEMS/DIVING COMPRESSORS Breathing Air Systems Nothing less than total dependability from the recognised world leader. CompAir high pressure compressed air systems have been perfected over 100 years of continuous development,to become the industry standard for reliability. Our reputation in breathing air,based on tireless research,unrivalled experience and total manufacturing quality,is recognised as our most valuable asset by safety professionals and divers who accept nothing less than total dependability.That 's why CompAir are the prime source in the demanding fields of safety and commercial diving worldwide. The new CompAir Breathing Air Range is designed to extend that reputation even further.Based on proven CompAir compressor technology,the range is improved with a series of new features: enhancing breathing air quality extending the choice of units enabling the production of custom designed systems. CompAir reliability. Designed at CompAir by some of Europe 's leading experts in breathing air compressor technology,each component is precision engineered to maximise performance,minimise wear and extend trouble-free working life. The compressors,at the heart of every unit,are type tested at the factory and have been run in the field for thousands of hours,to ensure total dependability under the most challenging of conditions. CompAir breathing air quality. Integral to each breathing set is the unique ReavellSafe mulit-stage purification system,which cleans,dries and filters the compressed air with an exceptional level of safety and efficiency.The result is totally dependable breathing air,widely recognised as the safest in the world and exceeding all major international standards. Typical Applications Safety Professionals Civil Fire Brigades Industrial Fire Brigades Airport Fire Brigades Shipyards Power Stations Water Authorities Plant Hire Gas Distribution Hazardous Material Handling Prison Services Nuclear Industry Petrochemical Industry Oil Refineries Oil Rigs Armed Forces Offshore Survival Training Merchant Navy Diving Professionals Dive Companies Dive Shops Dive Centres Dive Clubs Hotel Complexes Dive Support Vessels Police Search Units Subsea Suppliers MOD Dockyards Offshore Companies Dive Boat Builders Dive Charter Companies Total Compression Capability CompAir offer a wider-than-ever choice. The complete range provides the widest choice of multi-stage breathing air compressors to meet your needs: Air and water cooled machines Standard configurations Specially configured packages for unique applications An extensive range of ancillaries and back-up Using a modular design,CompAir breathing air compressor packages are easily configured to precisely match user requirements.Assembling from standard-build modules ensures that every package we deliver is built to the most exacting of requirements,ensuring safe,clean air that exceeds all major international specifications. CompAir service and back-up CompAir,as well as being dedicated to delivering excellence in innovation,design,and quality,is an acknowledged leader in the provision of post- installation technical support and on-site back-up. Before the delivery of larger installations,a CompAir service engineer will be available to visit your installation site to ensure that the system will commission and operate successfully. A tailor-made service and maintenance schedule is established for each of our customers. Our technical engineers will be pleased to advise you on the most suitable breathing air package for your application. CompAir compressors are sold and serviced in over 120 countries throughout the world. Air-Cooled Compressors CompAir 's extensive range of standard air-cooled compressors deliver flows up to 52 m 3 /h (865 l/min, 31 ft 3 /min).Capacities up to 500 m 3 /h are available for specialist applications. The compressor heart -continuous reliability over a long working life Fully balanced V and W configurations ensure low vibration and low noise whilst eliminating the need for special mounting. Short piston stroke and low piston speed help maximise the intervals between servicing and extends working life. Polymer piston rings reduce wear,increase life and maximise performance. Safety valves are fitted to all stages to ensure complete protection. Silenced cabinets,for high performance at low noise levels The CompAir range of silenced,air-cooled,breathing air cabinet sets were developed in partnership with some of the world 's leading fire services.Designed for critical installations where noise levels as low as 70 dba at 1 metre are required. Occupying minimal floor space,requiring no rear access and fitting through standard sized doorways, they can be sited for convenient operation and maintenance. Open frame sets for demanding environments Ideally suited for permanent or portable installations, the range of frame sets are designed for use in all environments where silencing is not a primary consideration.The rugged construction permits safe transportation allowing reliable operation without risk of damage. The frame and belt guard assembly encloses moving parts and hot surfaces to ensure operator safety. Water-Cooled Compressors Providing high pressure at high performance levels, demands an extreme tolerance to temperature and wear.Delivering air up to 414 bar g and with charging rates up to 157 m 3 /h (2150 l/min, 76 ft 3 /min)the water-cooled range of V configuration compressors gives an unrivalled level of performance and ease of use. The units are designed and manufactured for continuous running.With the water jacket running through the compressor,cooling efficiency is enhanced,enabling prolonged operation in igh ambient temperatures.The balanced V configuration reduces noise and increases stability,eliminating the need for special and costly foundation requirements. CompAir water cooled compressors are renowned for their reliability and long service intervals.Each compressor is built for ease of maintenance - individual valves,for example,can be changed in just 5 minutes without breaking pipes or seals.

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