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Eagle Nest Pest Control Service We target Pests outside, for control inside! Trying to get rid of ants yourself can actually make things worse! Most overthecounter sprays and repellents can cause ants to separate from thier main Nest and, will actually start new colonies. That's why we use an advanced undetectable treatment applied outside your home or business where ants live. Ants never know it is there so they can't react to it or avoid it. Instead they pick it up on the daily travels to and from your home. Then they spread it to the other ants in the colony. If you want to get rid of your ant probelem quickly and completely don't try and do it yourself!! Call us today. At Eagle Pest Control we strive to use the best products available to us. Effectiveness as well as low impact on the environment are very important to us when deciding which products to use. Our newest products are used at VERY LOW LEVELS OF TOXICITY!! What you’ll especially like about Eagle Pest Control & Tree Service: .1.We have a reputation as the local “goto” company for pest control. .2.You benefit from our years of eliminating pests! Immediate Help. Immediate Help We're available for your pest control problems right away. Our company understands that pests are a concern for the safety and well being of you and those around you, as well as your property and grounds. It's our goal to help you address these concerns ASAP. Effective Treatments We offer proven, environmentally conscious, affordable, yet EFFECTIVE solutions for your pest problems. Longterm Prevention After our initial treatment, we can help control the longterm risk of pest problems as well. Intense preliminary treatment is often followed by ongoing service customized for the property, or at least by an annual inspection. Carpenter Ants Carpenter ants are the largest houseinfesting ants in the United States. They are pests and their economic importance as wooddestroyers may exceed that of termites. Contrary to what many people think, carpenter ants don't actually eat wood; they simply Nest in it. They can damage a home to the point that structural repair is needed A carpenter ant colony may contain a main Nest and one or more "satellite Nests." A satellite Nest contains pupae, mature larvae, and workers. Ants in satellite Nests are the ones that normally do structural damage to homes. Indoor Nests remain active at a reduced rate throughout most of the winter. Workers continue to forage for food and water. Infestations in houses can grow faster and cause more damage than ants in outdoor Nests. Cockroaches Cockroaches are repulsive and objectionable to most people simply by their presence. They contribute to Asthma and they are also capable of mechanically transmitting disease organisms such as the bacteria which cause food poisoning. Recently, cockroaches have been found to be an important source of allergy in people, second only to house dust. Cockroaches typically become established in homes after being introduced in grocery bags, with laundry or, in some cases, wandering in from outdoors. Once cockroaches become established they are prolific breeders capable of producing several thousand offspring in a year. Sanitation is an important step in prevention and control. Empty soft drink bottles, cardboard boxes and paper bags should not be allowed to accumulate. Food containers should be sealed and any crumbs or spillage cleaned up We Stops all pests Bed bugs,Cockroaches,Termites,Mice etc Residential Pest Control Commercial Pest Control Industrial Pest Control Institutional Pest Control Fumigation services 24x7 Support Available Pest removal without removing kitchens Pest removal without leaving home New Construct PreRetreat Fungus Control Pool Cleaning Landscape Treatment Routine Maintenance Our Pest Control Services includes Both Inside and Outside

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