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Mujezat Al Shifa Tr. LLC
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Abdul Majeed
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Kolaya, Sharjah, UAE
United Arab Emirates
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Mujezat al Shifa Foodstuff Company commenced its operations in the early nineties in the stake of Kuwait and was officially incorporated in 1995 as a local limited liability company and stared in UAE in 1996. It is specialized in natural health food, established for itself a strong position in the market and recognized as a leader in this field. Its product-range includes Natural Honey, Mountainous Cedar Honey, Natural Herbal Honey, Cleopatra Honey, Ginsing Honey, From Cover, Citrus Honey for Children, Fennel Flower Honey (Black Cumin), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Green Tea and other health products. It is committed to high standards of quality and purity and is specialized in natural honey which has selected from rare kinds capitalizing on its deep-rooted experience in the production that goes back to several decades. It managed within a short period of time of its inception to overspread the consumers. It could achieve and overwhelming success in the marketing of its products. In implementation of its expansion strategy that aims to opening new markets for its products, the company exported products to a number of countries through opening branches abroad, and its products again earned tremendous popularity and enthusiastic acceptance from all the consumers who appreciate the value of Natural Health Products. * Mountainous Cedar Honey: Quality Natural Honey, highly popular and slid in the Arabian peninsula and the neighbouring countries since ancient times, for its numberous benefits, quick treatment effect and delicious taste. A fist class honey that lotus jujube smell emanates from with thick consistency and it does not freeze on crystallize. Preserve all its characteristics for a very long time if it is tightly closed and kept away from the sun humidity and high temperature. There are two types of this honey, one is pure and the other enriched with royal jelly. * Citrus Honey For Children: 100% Natural Honey from Citrus. An exclusive and light for your Child's. * Cleopatra Honey: 100% Natural Honey from cover flowers. Proven qualities for skin beauty and freshness since old ages very useful for skin cleaning, nourishing, moistening and fairing and wrinkles vanishing in a short time by adding the bee pollen its benefits multiply. * Natural Herbal Honey: 100% Natural Honey the honey bee produced it from the nectar of Some Herbal Flower thus, it contains all qualities of this wondrous plant which is famous for its benefits since ancient time. It emanates fragrance of Herbal flower apparently. * Fennel flower Honey (Black Cumin): 100% Natural Honey, the honey bee produced it from the nectar of some Fennel flower thus, it contains all qualities of this wondrous plant which is famous for its benefits since ancient times. It emanates fragrance of the fennel flower apparently very useful for the treatment of stomach, chest, phlegm removal, cough and acidity problem. * Olive Oil – Jordanian: A special high class first quality extremely useful for all utilities such as treatment, food and massage, good for wounds, burns, asthma and constipation, sub smoother, delays the hair greying and stops hair fall treats impotency and helps fertilization. * Olive Oil – Palestinian: Palestinian olive oil-a rare kind and high quality. * Green Tea: Green Tea for health and fitness reduces body fat and controls the cholesterol and blood pressure level very economic for family.

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