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Aalmir Plastic Industries
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Aalmir Plastic Industries is a plastic manufacturing company that has been operating in the UAE and neighboring countries for the past 20 years. The company started off initially with Blow molding Lines and has since expanded its services to Injection Molding, Thermoforming, Various Film and Extrusion Lines. Our strict no quality compromise policy is the main reason behind our success. The company has won the prestigious chamber of commerce "award for excellence" twice in a row. Today , Aalmir Plastic Industries manufactures plastic products for a variety of industries ranging from Automobile, Electronics, IT, Medical, Waste Management, Engineering, Construction, Aviation, Marine, Household Consumer, Retail, Oil & Gas, Design and Packaging Industries. We also have an intricate network of international partners which allow us to enter foreign markets and supply to the international market. As of now, Aalmir Plastic Industries has served over 1700 clients ranging from 37 countries. We Design Develop And Manufacture Plastic Items For Various Industries As Per Customer Requirements. Our services include injection molding, blow molding, thermoforming, film and extrusion lines. Based in Dubai, We are able to competitively export to the U.S.A, U.K., Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Spain, Canada, Saudi, G.C.C, Japan Products: Plastic Sheets, plastic bags, plastic parts, custom plastic... Injection Molding: Aalmir plastic Industries is one of the leading regional custom plastic molders and contract suppliers for injection molding parts. Injection group Our Injection engineering division specializes in part design and consultation, large part manufacturing, rapid prototyping and fabricating. With machines ranging from clamping forces of 85 tons to 1500 tons, Aalmir Plastic has the ideal press sizes to provide high quality, low cost solutions for any plastic molding requirements. As a result of our extensive experience in the design and manufacture of injection molded plastic parts, we are able to generate prototypes from customer concepts, formulate part and mold designs, produce drawings, generate machining instructions via a CAD/CAM system, and manufacture the complete mold. One of the main advantages of using Aalmir Plastic Industries is that we can then use the finished mold and make part runs here at our facility. No delivery or transfer of the finished mold is required. We can make prototype runs to perfect mold performance and then place the mold into an "around the clock" schedule to produce your finished parts. Aalmir Plastic Industries offers a complete line of secondary and contract manufactuing capabilities. From simple assembly of mating components to complete turnkey assembly of finished product. Aalmir Plastic Industries can bring a wide variety of value added services that can save you time and money. Injection Molding Capabilities: •Capability to mold products in all types of engineering grade resins that require close-tolerance specifications and superior aesthetics. •Utilizing the latest CAD software including Uni Graphics and AutoCad. •Fully integrated hi-tech in-house Mold making facility for speedy development of any particular molding requirements. •Experienced Engineering Department available for assistance with Complete Project Management, including design and maintenance of new or existing tools. (Technical Molding and Eng Tools Co Ltd) Contract Manufacturing Capabilities: •Pre-production modeling for product evaluation •Custom packaging •Complete or partial assembly of components •Capability studies and complete project validation •Ultrasonic Welding •Hot Stamping •Pad Printing •Solvent Bonding •Blister Packaging •Static Elimination •Product Testing •Silk Screening, Painting & Powder coating Sheets & Liners: Aalmir Plastic Industries offers a full line of plastic sheet products that are appropriate for a number of industrial applications. Our Strength lies in our ability to evaluate customer requirements and offer sheets that best fit their application. The cutting and forming department is in charge creating the most complex of designs; sheeting, coating, die-cutting, hole punching, rewinding/splitting and custom packaging to fit customer specifications. For specialized customers that require specialty polymers beyond our standard range of products, we offer speedy and efficient sourcing services. With the help of our international network of raw material suppliers, we are able to source any specific required material and then automatically integrate it with our customers manufacturing process, thus reducing time, quality and incompatibility issues for our manufacturing customers and resale customers. Applications that may benefit from using our sheets are Floor-lining applications, Engineering applications, Aerospace applications, Marine applications, Construction applications, Agricultural applications, Packaging applications, Industrial applications and Skylight fabrication. Our sheets come in various sizes and are very competitively priced whilst retaining benchmarking quality levels.pvc Commodity Polymer Sheets Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Sheets Polystyrene Sheets (PS) & Liners HDPE & LDPE Sheets & Liners Polycarbonate (PC) Sheets Polyolefin Sheets Synthetic Paper Acrylic Sheets Nylon sheets ABS Sheets sheets Engineering Thermoplastic Sheets Ethylene-chlorotrifluoroethylene (ECTFE) Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) Polymethylpentene (PMP) Polyethersulfone (PES) Polyetherimide (PEI) Polysulfone (PSO) Please Contact us directly for technical specification and sizes. Consultaion & Moldmaking: Moldmaking Technical Molding and Eng Tools Co Ltd, a subsidiary or Aalmir Plastic Industries, offers an all-in-one mold making solution. An Experienced Development team oversees each stage of the process, from initial design to final testing. The Workshop is equipped with the latest tools in the industry, thus enabling us to provide our customers with what they need in the shortest lead time. Our ability to produce molds at extremely fast pace makes us an ideal candidate for clientele who require rapid concept testing. Our molds can be made to manufacture 500 items to over one million with minimum maintenance. Material used for each mold varies to fit your exact specification, from light weight alloys to high tensile European standard steel. Depending on both the work load and the type of mold to be built, we will choose to either build a mold in-house or sub-contract the construction. Our established network of International Mold makers, allow us to outsource certain or all aspects of the mold in order to deliver greater value that would be available in the local market. In all cases we still have control of the design of the mold, and takes full responsibility for its performance. injection mold INJECTION & RUBBER MOLDS BLOW MOLDS & PET MOLDS THERMOFORMING MOLDS We are experienced with molding in inserts, hot runner molds, unscrewing molds and side action molds (cams, core pulls, etc.) Design & Consultation: Aalmir Plastic Industries offers a design and consultation service which includes pre-production feasibility studies, concept testing, design tweaking and manufacturing efficiency programs. Along with design and testing, compound and Material recommendations from our laboratory can further assist you in determining the right material for your applications. Aalmir Plastic Industries design expertise in plastic as well as metals highlights the company’s manufacturing leadership. In house Engineers and Designers have first hand knowledge of all required equipment and processes, and provide valuable input in every phase of product development. Our practical, streamlined, design-for-manufacturing orientation will provide you with a better design, shorter time-to-market cycle and reduced costs. whether or not your product is ultimately made at our Aalmir Plastic Industries, we invite your inquiries and request that at the earliest opportunity you visit our facilities. Flexible Packaging (Film): Aalmir Plastic Industries manufactures both printed & unprinted plastic film and bags. Our bags are made under a strict supervisory production model that allows us to eliminate production errors such as thickness variation, uneven length, sealing mishaps and printing problems. Applications can fit any type of packaging and labeling needs. We offer an extensive assortment of plastic raw materials and additives to suit each and every particular need seperatley.film film Priniting Capabilities Our prinitng department is equipped with high quality ultra-highspeed offset & flexographic machines that can meet the toughest printing requirements in the shortest time. As an added feature, the in-house Printing lab is able to accurately color match your desired colors and even design your template for you thus eliminating the cost of outsourcing template /block production. Sealing & Cutting Capabilities Aalmir Plastic Industries Sealing and cutting department has the capability to produce bags and liners of many sizes and sealing methods. We also supply custom plastic rolls, perforated bags, Pallet covers, shrink sleeves, pouches and many more.... Flexible Food Packaging: • Dairy • Bakery • Produce • Frozen Foods • Catering Needs • Candy & Snacks • Deli & Restaurants • Ready Made Servings Custom-made Plastic bags: • Waste • Medical • Packaging • Agriculture • Customized Bags • Courrier & Mailers • Textile & Garments • NewsPaper & Magazines Please contact us directly for technical specification and sizes. Packaging (Bottles/ Custom/ Box's): Aalmir Plastic Industries offers a diverse array of packaging solutions specifically designed to cater to various industries. Our Innovative plastic packaging designs,state-of-the-art facility and technical experience gives us the leading edge inproviding optimum solutions for our customers packaging needs. Our professional design team is always available to help out with any design consultations and recommendations that may be needed. By using FDA approved material and implementing strict hygienic codes at our facilities, Aalmir Plastic Industries is able to comfortably supply to the Food, Beverage, Dairy, Petrochemical, Beauty, Pharmaceutical and other Industries requiring sterile production environments (PP, PS, PE, PET) Bottles & Canisters Our in house perfected production technique allows us to manufacture quality plastic bottles inexpensively at high speeds, therefore giving us an advantage in being able to meet with the most demanding delivery schedules. In addition, we offer a wide selection of pre-designed bottles available for immediate production. bottles • Jerry Cans• • Beverage Bottles• • Oil & Lube Canisters• • Household Chemical Bottles• Containers & Cups Aalmir Plastic Industries Product development and design team uses the latest materials and manufacturing processes to manufacture innovative packaging solutions that provide superior quality in custom-designed packaging. Our Cups and Containers are regularly used in household, food and Industrial applications. We also carry a large line of predesigned in-stock generic containers and cups.crystal box • Sweet Box’s• • Food Containers• • Jewelry Containers• • General Purpose Containers• Please contact us directly for a detailed inventory listing.

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