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Soleuae Midland
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Mr. John owen
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Al Barsha
United Arab Emirates
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Sole Solar thermal systems. Sole designed, manufactured and installed the largest solar air-conditioning and second largest collector field in the word. Sole solar are in the UAE Solar thermal systems, solar swimming pool systems. Sole produced the first solar water heater "Heliothermo" in Greece (1974) the following year they produced the first closed circuit thermosiphon solar water system and also installed the first central solar water heating system for a Hotel. In 1979 "Helios 1" the first Greek Solar home was completed. In 1981 Sole move into the plastic age and developed the first plastic insulation solar heating system. 1986 saw the development of the "Lectron" PL-1" by Sole,an electronic remote thermostat that shows the water temperature of the solar water heater, used throughout the world. 1992 Sole perfects and produces the first integrated solar boiler, launching the Alpha range. By 1994, Sole develops and perfects the first Solar SELECTIVE collector.The Wasco was launched followed by the Climasol. In 1996, Sole launches the revolutionary Eurostar, producing maximum efficiency and long life (5 time more than the nearest competitor) 1999 was a year of recognition by the International Solar Energy Society, when Sole S.A became the first and only company in the world to produce a commercial solar air-conditioning plant using the famous "Climasol" super selective Tinox flat plate solar collectors. The complete project was designed, manufactured and installed by Sole S.A. The chiller units were designed by Sole to utilize the energy from the collectors. The Solar collector field is the second largest in the world. The project was a complete success, producing 60 percent of the required energy. Today Sole leads the world with new developments, technology and investments. The year 2000 was the opening of the ASSOS boiler factory, rated as one of the top 5 boiler companies in Europe. Sole S.A is one of the founders of Solarnet. Sole S.A support to underdeveloped countries, they realize the importance of their products and are helping to create a better life for many.

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