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To solve your insects problems, Polyclean keeps up with the latest innovation in this field. It offers the best treatment and mode of application by matching the most suitable product to each situation taking into consideration the required residual effect and the low toxicity level. Insecticides applied are chosen among the best products available in the world and approved by local authorities. Polyclean offers a free inspection for the best technical advice. Polyclean controls rodents by putting down poisoned bait in specially designed station boxes for the safest application. Special products are used for domestic treatment in order to increase the safety measures for children and pets. For industrial treatment other rodenticides are used in order to minimize the cost of control. The main concept in controlling termite is creating a continuous treated zone of the soil to stop them from gaining entrance to the structure. The classical treatment is by applying liquid termiticide to the soil beneath and around building structures. In addition to hygiene, environmental pollution is becoming increasingly a main concern for Polyclean and equally important. Consequently, Polyclean introduced TERMIFILM, a new and revolutionary product for pre-construction treatment of termite. This innovative application consists of laying down a plastic sheet that contains a termiticide that does not only repel but kills termites too. This sheet can be used as a normal plastic cover applied to insulate the building from humidity in constructions. The main advantage is minimizing soil pollution by reducing the use of chemicals and still providing the required long-term guarantees.

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