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Finlays is a global integrated tea company focusing on the manufacture and sale of black tea, green tea, instant tea and decaffeinated tea. It also has other significant interests including coffee trading and packing as well as flower growing. Finlays tea trading offices in Kenya, Sri Lanka, USA, UK, Bangladesh and Pakistan combine to service practically everywhere in the world where tea is grown, traded or consumed. Substantial volumes of Finlays own label tea and branded tea are packed at facilities in the UK and Sri Lanka. Finlays tea plantations in Kenya, Uganda, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are regarded as being amongst the best in the world, producing around 55million kilos of tea each year. Black leaf tea for packet and tea bags: Via the network of plantation and trading companies Finlays is able to supply an entire range of leaf teas specially formulated for particular customers' requirements. We are able to manufacture tea with certain taste, colour and leaf characteristics and deliver in straight line or blended form in standard industry paper sacks or bulk bags. From most origins we have the facility to supply in tea bags and in 25-1000 gm retail packets. * Hot Water Soluble Instant Tea: Spray Dried At the Mara Mara Factory in Kenya Finlays produces an exceptional range of hot soluble powders. From a taste and colour point of view these standards, which are made from high quality fresh green leaf, are considered to be amongst the best available. The range extends from the micro-milled powder, widely used as the tea base in 3-in-1 and 2-in-1 tea/whitener/sugar products, to the low density product used extensively in vending machines and as a spoonable retail/catering product. From Sri Lanka we can supply a similar range of products but with the characteristic taste of Ceylon teas. Freeze Dried Finlays’ Kenya freeze dried tea has been developed over a number of years and is supplied to a growing number of customers for retail, catering and vending use. The taste profile has recently been improved and the product is a very convincing alternative to black tea. A freeze dried Sri Lanka product is currently being developed. Cold Water Soluble Instant Tea: At our factories in Sri Lanka and Kenya Finlays manufactures a complete range of instant tea suitable for use as the tea base for the iced tea mixes and ready-to-drink canned/bottled teas. To accommodate buyers’ preferences the range includes products with, for example, different colour or density, improved clarity and improved stability in acid conditions. The range is further extended by virtue of the long standing partnership with a Chilean instant tea producer. Liquid Tea Concentrates: As an alternative to powders Finlays is able to supply a range of tea extracts in liquid form. Depending on our customers’ requirements each product can be supplied at either ambient temperature using preservative or in frozen form. The product range extends from pure tea concentrates to convenient all-in-one pre-mixes. Ready-to-Drink Tea: The processing and packing plant in the United States can provide custom blending and packaging in the form of bulk pre-mixes and Iced tea mixes or mixes packed in glass jars, canisters or PET containers. The company can provide assistance with blend formulation and product development on a worldwide basis through its export program. Products include: Iced Tea Mixes and Premixes - Fruit flavoured Green and Black teas. Sugar sweetened and low calorie mixes. Ready to Drink Tea Kits - Instant Tea and Aroma with fruit flavours. 3-In-1 Hot tea mix and pre mix. Instant Chai mix and pre mix. Drink mixes with fruit flavours. All products are available in a variety of sizes and case configurations. * Decaffeinated Teas: Decaffeinated leaf teas Finlays operates a factory at Hull in the North East of England which has the capability of extracting caffeine from black and green leaf tea using either methylene chloride or ethyl acetate. The facility currently supplies a sizeable share of the US and European markets. Decaffeinated instant teas From the Serentea Instant Tea factory in Sri Lanka we manufacture and supply both black and green decaffeinated instant teas. Samples of all these decaffeinated products are available on request. * Green Teas: Leaf teas Green tea accounts for 20% of the world’s tea production. Like all tea, it is rich in dietary anti-oxidants which research has shown may be significant in reducing the incidence of cancer and arterial disease. Finlays has a factory in Sri Lanka dedicated to the manufacture of Chinese pan-fried and Japanese steam processed green tea. The green tea factory in Bangladesh, which has in the past concentrated on the Pakistan market, is now able to make green tea for developing new markets. Instant teas In both Kenya and Sri Lanka Finlays manufactures Instant Green teas which are used as the tea base for iced tea mixes and ready-to-drink canned/bottled teas. The products are soluble in both hot and cold water. * Tea Aromas and Tea Oil: Natural tea aromas in liquid form, which have the benefit of being caffeine free, and concentrated tea aroma oil are manufactured routinely at both Mara Mara in Kenya and Serentea in Sri Lanka. Tea Aroma is widely used in RTD Teas to give a fresher tea flavour to the final beverage. * Organic Teas: Growing public interest in organic products has led Finlays to take the necessary steps to gaining qualification, through the UK based Soil Association, to manufacture organic leaf tea in Kericho, Kenya. Sales of high quality certified organic tea are expected to start in November 2002. The Sri Lankan Tea Factory is now able to supply both organic black and organic green instant tea standards using locally manufactured organic leaf tea. * Orthodox Teas: Milima, which is the only leaf tea made by the orthodox process in Kenya, is manufactured at our Saosa Factory in Kericho, Kenya. Milima combines the appealing colour of East African tea with a delicate flavour and attractive leaf appearance. Following a decision to increase capacity at the factory the tea is now available for sale into new markets.

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