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Quepet has a long experience in the field of lubricants created by oil professionals whose experience dates back to 1979. The symbol of Quepet, the emerging tricolour has become synonymous with Quepet and its drive to produce product quality and customer satisfaction. To meet tomorrow's challenges Quepet is building up its strength by alliances partnership, in challenging markets and concentrates deep into lubricants activity. In a highly competitive market Quepet is creating a position based on the quality and outstanding technology of its products. Quepet constantly pursues excellence through research. It maintains quality and performance of all its products at the highest level in order to satisfy the demands of the Automotive, Industrial and marine customers world wide. Quepet perceive the people and services as the real key factors for a personalised and complete customer service. With quality products that satisfy customer needs and deliver when ever needed, and constantly seek to exceed the expectations. Quepet's Automotive oils are well balanced without compromise. It is designed for today's latest technology gasoline and diesel cars including those with catalytic converters, turbo, multi valve and direct injection engines. The technicians working at Quepet have perfected the entire range of high quality lubricants and speciality products. All products are subject to stringent quality tests to meet the latest performance criteria. Packaging: Our attractive range includes high quality Plastic and metal packages of easily identifiable designs in line with the performance of the product. They also offer protection against environment and physical hazard. The range is wide enough to cover the day to day needs of Motorist, Industrial and Marine. The packaging are available in Plastic Cans, Tins, Pails and Drums. All the packaging materials are subjected to stringent quality tests. Logistics: Quepet provides quality products that satisfy customer requirements and deliver whenever needed. All deliveries within U.A.E are provided free of cost. Bulk deliveries are provided on road tankers at 48 hours notice. Other deliveries are provided on 24 hour notice even on holidays. Quepet also offers offshore deliveries to marine vessels even at anchorage. Please contact us for more details for deliveries and its terms. For export business shipping can be arranged on request. Technical Services At Quepet we perceive the people and services as the real key factors for a complete customer service. Engineers at Quepet provide a wide range of technical assistance with a high degree of flexibility. Lube oil surveys are conducted on marine vessels (tugs, barges, supply vessels, container vessels) and lube oil charts are prepared providing appropriate recommendations for specific applications. Lube oil surveys are also performed for process plants, construction industry and transport companies and suitable recommendation are made. At Quepet we also offer used oil analysis program, where used oils received from various equipment, machineries and marine vessels are tested in the laboratory for physical and chemical characteristics and the customers are advised about the condition of oil and equipment through interpretation of test results.

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