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Marami is a complete Metal Service Center and one of the leading Electroless Nickel and Hard Chromium facilities in the UAE and Middle Eastern Region.Our roots go back over 30 years, as we were pioneers in the Indian subcontinent. We expanded into the UAE market in the mid-nineties, to service our customers with true precision and offer unique corrosion resistance to combat all areas of concern. Electroless Nickel is a functional finish which is capable of offering enormous advantages to the engineering field. The process offers several advantages over conventional plating processes. Among these are uniform deposit build-up on all surfaces without beading; the ability to plate irregular shapes uniformly; and the ability to heat-treat the deposit to increase the hardness to 68 Rockwell C. Its high corrosion resistance, low porosity, high surface hardness, and Plating evenness the process finds wide scale applications in the petroleum, marine and offshore industry, particularly on BALL VALVES as a barrier against corrosion and erosion. Electroless Nickel Coating has been extensively tested in conditions simulating service in oil and gas environments and in coal mines, in order to assess its suitability as a corrosion resistant coating in these demanding applications. Electro less Nickel Coating is also a COST EFFECTIVE alternative in all Hydrogen Sulfide free environments, and where Hydrogen Sulfide is present but temperature does not exceed 150 Degrees C. Typical applications for Electroless Nickel Plating for Oil & Gas are Packer, Tubular Goods, Valve Components- Butterflies, Balls, Gates, Cages, Plugs, Collars, Fitting, Pumps, Rod Pumps & Boxes, Barrels, Polish Rods, Fire Tubes, Turbo Chargers. Corrosion Resistance: Compared with an electro-nickel or chrome deposit of the same thickness, the corrosion resistance of Electroless Nickel is vastly superior in an extensive range of environments. The deposit has very high inherent corrosion resistance and low porosity.

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