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Technical innovation and teamwork are at the center of who we are. For more than 80 years, we have focused on leveraging these assets to deliver solutions that improve customer performance. Today, our real-time technology services and solutions enable customers to translate acquired data into useful information, then transform this information into knowledge for improved decision making-anytime, anywhere. Harnessing information technology in this way offers enormous opportunities to enhance efficiency and productivity. This is a quantum leap from providing traditional 'just-in-case' information to delivering 'just-in-time' knowledge that meets the changing needs of our customers. International teamwork Reflecting our belief that diversity spurs creativity, collaboration, and understanding of customers' needs, we employ over 66,000 people of more than 140 nationalities working in 80 countries. Our employees are committed to working with our customers to create the highest level of added value. Knowledge communities and special interest groups with our organization enable teamwork and knowledge sharing unencumbered by geographic boundaries. Success without boundaries A tradition of excellence Each day, in 80 countries, we help our customers find and produce oil and gas with respect for the environment. We're looking for men and women to join our global family in this effort. We know the work is tough. But, if you're ambitious, innovative, and hard working, a Schlumberger career may be for you. You'll follow in the tradition of our founders, Conrad and Marcel Schlumberger, who transformed the energy industry with the revolutionary idea of using electrical measurements to map subsurface rock formations. Schlumberger engineers recorded the first electrical resistivity well log in Pechelbronn, France in September 1927. Their pioneering attitude has been the foundation of our success for almost 80 years, and why today Schlumberger is the world's leading oilfield services company. Now, there are new challenges as the demand for energy continues to increase. And new ideas, techniques, and solutions are necessary. As the search for hydrocarbons takes on ever greater importance, we have a multitude of career opportunities that will enable you to prove your abilities from the first day of work. We'll give you the training and support you need to take on our complex engineering and technical challenges.Schlumberger was founded on breakthrough technology more than 80 years ago. Today, our commitment to technology innovation continues to provide the cornerstone for developing new generations of solutions that meet the changing needs of our customers. 1912 Conrad Schlumberger conceived the revolutionary idea of using electrical measurements to map subsurface rock bodies. 1919 Marcel Schlumberger began working with his brother Conrad. 1920 Opened first office at 30, rue Fabert in Paris. 1923 Began conducting geophysical surveys in Romania, Serbia, Canada, Union of South Africa, Belgian Congo and US. Mapped the first oil-productive salt dome by electric prospecting in Romania. 1926 Formed Société de Prospection Electrique, the pre-cursor of Schlumberger. 1927 Recorded the first electrical resistivity well log in Pechelbronn, France. 1929 Expanded subsurface surveying into Venezuela, India and the Soviet Union. Logged first well in the US (Kern County, California). 1930 Introduced continuous recording hand recorder, enabling plotting of continuous log of information. 1931 Introduced Spontaneous Potential (SP) log. 1934 Founded Schlumberger Well Surveying Corporation (now Schlumberger Well Services). 1935 Developed the single-galvanometer automatic recorder for logging in the field. 1936 Introduced Sample Taker. 1940 Moved company headquarters to Houston, Texas. 1941 Introduced the SP Dipmeter for finding the angle of formation dip in the borehole. 1947 Recorded first induction log to help distinguish oil-from water- bearing rock layers when the borehole contains fluid that does not conduct electricity. Introduced the Resistivity Dipmeter tool. Began producing nine-galvanometer R9 recorder for simultaneously displaying multiple logging curves. Deployed first offshore rig. 1948 Inaugurated Ridgefield Research Center. 1949 Introduced Microlog tool for measuring mudcake thickness and resistivity near the borehole. 1950 Introduced Laterolog system for focusing currents into thin rock layers beyond the borehole. 1951 Introduced Microlaterolog tool for measuring resistivity near the borehole. Began experiments with microneutron device to measure formation porosity by sensing the amount of hydrogen present. Undertook research on density logging. Started work on attenuation of gamma rays, leading to a technique for quantifying formation porosity. 1952 Gathered first computer-ready data in the field. Introduced Continuous Resistivity Dipmeter. Bought 50% of Forex drilling rig company. 1954 Introduced microlog-caliper for recording borehole diameter. 1955 Began work on "slowing down time" technique to measure formation hydrogen concentration by detecting energy reduction of source neutrons. 1956 Formed Schlumberger Limited in Curaçao as holding company for all Schlumberger businesses. Acquired Johnston Testers (US) (testing and production). Completed first induction-electrical log. Patented method for determining hydraulic characteristics of formation traversed by a borehole. 1957 Completed first density log enabling realization of bulk density measurement using gamma ray attenuation. 1960 Formed Dowell Schlumberger (50% Schlumberger, 50% Dow Chemical), specializing in pumping services for the oil industry. Began work on the Sidewall Neutron Porosity tool with high-pressure Helium-3 detectors using epithermal neutrons to measure formation porosity. Created prototype of Thermal Decay Time (TDT) tool for measuring formation saturation through casing using neutron population decay. 1961 Acquired Solatron (UK) electrical instrumentation company. Completed first digitized dipmeter logs by computer - the first successful computer processing of logs from tape. Founded Société d'Instrumentation Schlumberger to coordinate expansion into electronics and measurement systems. 1962 Acquired Vector Cable cable operations and Daystrom measurement instruments. Introduced Formation Density tool. Listed Schlumberger Limited on the New York Stock Exchange. Commercialized the compensated density log, quickly followed by the pad-type neutron log, the SNP. 1964 Created Neptune drilling company (50% Forex, 50% Languedocienne). 1965 Processed digitized log tape in a truck. Founded engineering center in Clamart, France. Began development of Compensated Neutron Log (CNL) tool, a two-detector neutron tool for through-casing porosity measurement. 1966 Developed small minitron and constructed 1 11/16" TDT tool for through-tubing production logging. Achieved first SDR patent in sonic logging. 1968 Introduced TTR tape recorder to replace R9U galvanometer recorder. 1969 Incorporated experimental lithology into Litho-Density tool for direct measurement of formation lithology. 1970 Introduced SARABAND, the first computerized reservoir analysis. 1971 Acquired Flopetrol (testing production of oil wells) and remaining 50% of Forex; created Forex Neptune Drilling Company. Introduced first logging system that combined gamma ray, spontaneous potential (SP), Induction, Spherically Focused Resistivity Log (SFL), sonic and caliper logs. 1972 Introduced Dual Laterolog tool for simultaneous measurement of shallow region invaded by borehole fluids and the deep undamaged formation. Merged SIS with Compagnie des Compteurs. 1977 Introduced Cyber Service Unit. Acquired The Analysts (directional drilling and mud logging services). Commercialized the Electromagnetic Propagation Tool (EPT), which uses travel time and attenuation of microwave-frequency electromagnetic waves to determine the amount of water present in rock pores. Developed the CNTG four-detector neutron porosity tool. 1978 Developed SDT, the first generation digital sonic tool for uphole processing of compressional and shear sound speeds in formations. 1979 Made first observation of propagating slow wave with applications such as eliminating unwanted signals. 1980 Completed first measurements-while-drilling (MWD) job in the Gulf of Mexico. Began researching extremely high value (>106) of low-frequency dielectric constant in rocks. 1981 Acquired Applicon and Balteau. Implemented first international data links with e-mail. 1982 Developed Crystal, a graphical log interpretation workstation which ultimately became the basis for GeoFrame software. 1983 Implemented first commercial user of ARPANet (Palo Alto lab) for multiple international links and the first internal secure gateway between divisions. Opened Cambridge Research Center in England. 1984 Acquired SEDCO drilling rig company and 50% of Dowell of North America. Founded Anadrill by combining the drilling segment of Dowell and The Analysts. Developed ultrasonic Cement Evaluation Tool (CET) for adding azimuthal information to cement bond analysis. Began Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) petrophysics research. 1985 Formed Sedco Forex Drilling Company. Introduced Formation MicroScanner tool. Acquired Merlin and 50% of GECO. Deployed Schlumberger Information Network (SINet), the world's second largest internal corporate network and the first commercial ARPANet-based intranet. Introduced first VSAT terminal. Field tested borehole linear accelerator (LINAC) as a density tool. 1986 Merged Flopetrol with Wireline to create Wireline & Testing. Introduced Phaser Induction tool to improve detection of thin beds. Prototyped Combinable Magnetic Resonance (CMR) tool. 1987 Acquired Neptune (North America), Bosco and Cori (Italy), and Allmess (Germany). Registered slb.com as a Internet domain name. 1988 Acquired remaining 50% of GECO. Introduced first logging-while-drilling (LWD) tool. 1989 Introduced MAXIS* 500 logging unit. 1991 Acquired PRAKLA-SEISMOS. Used geosteering for the first time to plan the drilling path in horizontal wells. Introduced the Modular Formation Dynamics Tester and the Formation MicroImager. 1992 Acquired GeoQuest Systems, Inc. Converted SINet to TCP/IP and www capability. 1993 Created GeoQuest product line by merging Schlumberger Data Services, Finder Graphics and GeoQuest Systems, Inc. Launched IDEAL* concept (Integrated Drilling Evaluation and Logging System) and ran first compressional sonic logs while drilling. 1994 Introduced Oil Partnering Network in the North Sea sector. 1995 Introduced Platform Express* technology, SIMPLER* advanced land rig concept, ARC5 logging-while-drilling tools, and MAXIS Express* logging unit. Acquired Intera Technologies Corp. petroleum division, AEG meter, and ECLIPSE reservoir study team and reservoir technologies. Launched Integrated Project Management as an independent service and engineering group. Created Omnes joint venture between Schlumberger and Cable & Wireless plc. Commercialized Combinable Magnetic Resonance (CMR) tool. 1996 Conceived real-time reservoir management for improving petroleum reservoir recovery and providing high-end IT solutions to petroleum industry. Acquired Oilphase. Completed first commercial sonic imaging job 1997 Introduced ClearFRAC* non-polymer, damage-free fracturing fluid. 1998 Acquired Camco International, Inc. Introduced PS PLATFORM* fifth generation logging tool and High Resolution Laterolog Array (HRLA). 1999 Entered joint venture with Smith International, creating the world's largest drilling fluids company, M-I L.L.C (60% Smith International, 40% Schlumberger). Deployed Houston remote connectivity teleport. 2000 Combined Geco-Prakla with Western Atlas to create WesternGeco (70% Schlumberger, 30% Baker Hughes). Launched IndigoPool.com. Began conducting Q-Marine* surveys. 2001 Acquired Sema plc. (IT consultancy), Phoenix, and Sensa (fiber optic distributed monitoring). Deployed Macae remote connectivity teleport. Formed Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) to support real-time reservoir management and E&P business optimization processes. 2002 Deployed Singapore remote connectivity teleport. Introduced ProVISION* real-time reservoir steering tool for LWD; OrientXact* perforating system; SlimXtreme* slimhole, high-pressure, high-temperature wireline logging platform; and FlexSTONE* advanced flexible cementing system. Acquired A. Comeau and Associates Limited to enhance capabilities in artificially lifted wells. 2003 Began conducting Q-Land* surveys. Launched PowerDrive Xceed* fully rotational steerable system; MaxTRAC* production services tractor; seismicVISION* LWD system; LiteCRETE* lightweight, high performance cementing system; PVT Express* pressurevolume- temperature mobile laboratory; and DecisionXpress* petrophysical evaluation system. Deployed Aberdeen satellite manufacturing facility and second teleport. Acquired VoxelVision (high-end PC-based visualization and seismic technology). Acquired stake in premier Russian oilfield services company PetroAlliance Services Company Limited. 2004 Completed divestiture of SchlumbergerSema to Atos Origin. Launched the PowerDrive X5* rotary steerable system (RSS) with integrated measurements, sonicVISION* sonic-while-drilling tool and PowerDrive vorteX* rotary steerable system. Acquired the Decision Team oil and gas software and consulting services firm; and AOA Geomarine Operations (AGO), a pioneer in CSEM (controlled-source electromagnetic) and MMT (marine magnetotelluric) technologies. Opened the Russia Technology Hub, located within the campus of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas; opened the second phase of expansion of the Schlumberger Reservoir Completions Center (SRC). Established the industry's first long-term reservoir monitoring program between Statoil and WesternGeco. Awarded the world's largest-ever 4D seismic project, shooting over the Marlin Field offshore Brazil for Petrobras.

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