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IFFCO believes in delivering consistent value to the consumer by investing in technologies that provide high quality solutions. In keeping with this philosophy, consumer interests are the basis for our selection of production processes. This has resulted in state-of-the-art, highly reliable process equipment and facilities. All of these operate under accurate and sophisticated computer-based control systems and are sourced from world leaders in their fields. At IFFCO emphasis is placed on automating all possible aspects of our operations using current generation advances in electronics, communications and information technology. Our ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) software integrates all business processes into a unified whole. This system yields a quantum jump in productivity and efficiency of information flow in all aspects of production, marketing, finance, service, transportation and projects. A solid base in our core business segments allows us to realize complete value from primary material inputs through production of a wide variety of related derivatives and intermediates. These find applications in a whole host of industries such as soaps and toiletries, baking, foodservice and animal husbandry. IFFCO operates a modern, world-scale grain flour mill which produces a complete range of wheat flours, semolina and animal feed grade products. High storage capacity grain silo batteries located adjacent to ship berth and automated bulk grain handling systems are prominent features of our facilities. Biscuits, snack foods and cakes are manufactured in our modern plants under the Tiffany and Piccadeli brand names. Leveraging its large presence in the AGCC's flour milling sector, IFFCO formulates, produces and markets a range of bakery pre-mixes and ingredients. Major product groups include bread mixes/improvers, cake/muffin mixes, speciality flours and instant custard. We extend our foodservice range to frozen bakery items including croissants and muffins. Under a manufacturing agreement with General Mills, USA, IFFCO produces the world famous Betty Crocker range for AGCC markets. We also produce chocolate and confectionery using latest processes. Industrial chocolate conforming to stringent European standards is produced at our state-of-the-art plant in Dubai. IFFCO produces a comprehensive range of pasta products and instant noodles. Our ice creams and frozen deserts manufactured in our modern facilities in Sharjah are universally popular. Processed meat and seafood products are manufactured under stringent quality standards. From our ultra-modern plants in Al-Ain, UAE, IFFCO quenches consumer's thirst with a delectable range of UHT juices, milks and drinks. Our vast experience and production facilities in edible oils and fats provides a ready platform to develop and market a range of tailor made speciality fats, shortenings and margarines for institutional and foodservice applications. IFFCO's integrated oleo chemical facility in Malaysia, produces distilled fatty acids, soap noodles, stearic acids, glycerin and rumen protected fats. Soaps, toiletries, tyres, explosives and animal feeds are amongst industries served by IFFCO's products, all of which are sold globally. Our range of toilet soaps, soap noodles, hair-care products, cleaning and toiletries products manufactured at our Dubai plants meet growing consumer and institutional needs. Packaging materials are also produced by IFFCO including corrugated boxes, PVC compounds and PET pre-forms. Highly competitive business environment where advantages tend to be short lived, maintaining a responsive, reliable and cost efficient product and material supply chain is often a decisive success factor. With this in mind, IFFCO has structured logistics as a distinct business segment, through its company, Intergulf Ltd. which offers an integrated basket of in-house capabilities in ship chartering, shipping agencies, freight forwarding, transportation services, warehousing, road transportation and cold store warehousing services. Intergulf has built an integrated basket of in-house capabilities i.e. ship chartering, shipping agency, freight forwarding, transportation services and warehousing, as a strategic initiative to ensure smooth, reliable and optimal flow of our brands and products. IFFCO's bulk commodity procurement program is complemented by our ship chartering team, which scouts the international market for cost efficient bulk freight contracts. Our shipping agency service ensures prompt and efficient attention to vessel and unloading requirements. IFFCO's centralized freight forwarding activity is designed to facilitate timely and cost effective to and fro movement of all our material inputs and finished products. To meet delivery requirements of immediately contiguous markets, we manage an extensive overland transportation network of over 300 commercial vehicles with a market reach covering the Middle East and Levant regions. In addition, we have invested in special purpose carriages -grain hoppers, feed trailers and bulk tankers to meet needs of institutional customers. Our success in providing a high service level has increasingly attracted third party customers as well.

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