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Mediac Communications & Exhibitions LLC is one of the pioneering exhibition organizing companies in the United Arab Emirates. That has been instrumental for over a decade in assisting individuals and companies to exhibit, make the right connections, and obtain agencies and source suppliers. Providing the ideal launch pad for businesses to grow and for complete sectors to prosper has been its forte. The company is backed by a professional sales and marketing team that takes great pride in assisting you every step of the way. Mediac is about International exhibition with its multinational professional team with its different backgrounds; makes it a viable and formidable organizers of Trade shows of specific target markets or just plainly general shows. Awareness and exposure being the flip sides of the same coin to these ever growing and attractive Gulf markets. It is very vital to reach the message to a billion strong market of your products and services on offer. We are all about “ Spreading the Message ”. Mediac has the feel for the markets, with its network of contacts and affiliations. Twenty years of sheer diligent perseverance and its interaction with local as well as internationally active market, pundits makes it apt for your choice in Event Management. The choice has been put to the test many a time resulting in the success of several Trade Exhibitions and General Shows being held consecutively every year. Also the resulting presence of more than a thousand companies establishing themselves in the Arabian Middle East. Our services: *Organizing Exhibitions, seminars and conferences: Organizing exhibitions is our forte. Exhibitions are an efficient way of communicating, it is the ultimate in public relations. Our team of professionals are always active in promoting sector strength and looking for new avenues for possible needs for consideration. Seminars and conferences are very topical, educational and interactive. They are excellent tools for promotion. *Organizing press conferences: The press is one of the most effective medium of mass communication. It is increasingly important for the general awareness and generation of constructive views. As in general, it goes hand in glove with our activities. An interactive press conference, is hence of paramount importance. Invitations are meted out to the prominent members of the press. * Writing press releases: Correctness and preciseness being the objective, it is important for awareness. * Providing statistics on the Gulf and its resources: For any Venture to be successful, the approach should be learned. The statistical brief on the region, along with the availability of the required resources, takes it a step further in the right direction. * Promoting company and/or brand image in more than 40(forty) Gulf publications: Trade specific publications reach the desired end user in a very effective way. A product is always judged by the final users. * Giving advice on local or regional procedures for setting up offices in the Gulf: Very crucial in saving time, energy and resources. * Providing daily media monitoring of your company and your competitors' activities: Is usually a feedback tool that gives you a chance for improvement and perhaps that chance of an all important edge over your competitor.

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