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Our firm was formed in 1995. Our bright and welcoming office in Dubai, has every accessibility or if you prefer we will always meet the clients at their office or any other location. We service many small and large businesses located throughout Dubai, Sharjah and beyond. Our clients include professionals (Doctors, Engineering consultants, Solicitors), manufacturers, retailers, wholesellers, service industry, Cinema Halls - from sole traders to multinational enterprises. The wealth of experience we have gained from dealing with such a variety of clients over so many years provides us with the backdrop for our role as business development advisors. We know that sound financial management advise is essential to your continued success and perhaps economic survival which is why our business service team provides a complete range of accounting, auditing and related management services. We are large enough to offer a comprehensive package and yet small enough to ensure personalized treatment of each individual client. At Ethics Plus we focus our wealth of knowledge on the goals of each client. We go beyond the numbers to create strategies for financial success. Our philosophy is to be our clients' most valued and trusted advisor. The excellent service we always aim to provide is attested by the numbers of clients who have been with us for many years. In today's competitive environment you need an accounting firm that can help during each stages of your company's life. You need a firm that can develop an intimate understanding of your unique needs and aspirations and utilise our expertise to tailor meaningful management advice. Our firm offers the following services: * Financial Statement Services We have vast experience in performing audits, reviews and compilations for national and international clients as required by banks, regulatory agencies, investors and company policies. We prepare and supervise preparation of financial statements. Compiled or reviewed statements can be provided according to your needs. More importantly we can help you use these statements as well as other reports to better manage your business and increase your profitability. The supplementary information in the financial statements is tailored to meet your specific needs. These can include budget verification reports, comparison of ratios to industry standards and pertinent charts and graphs. Our experienced staff will be responsive in providing you with professional and technically excellent services. As your financial advisors we will offer and actively maintain communication with you through-out the year. Many of our clients view us as an important member of their management team and a supplement to a chief financial officer. Acting as consultants as well as accountants, we invest considerable time and resources to become thoroughly familiar with your business. Then we look beyond the numbers to interpret financial and operational data to identify potential problems, recommend and implement solutions and participate in long term planning and decision making. * Accounting System Review & Implementation In todays rapidly changing business environment, access to qualified professionals who understand and keep step with these changes is necessary to remain competitive. We are trained to deal with the complex accounting issues and problems brought about by the changing face of business. While there are many ingredients to a successful business, inadequate accounting systems and procedures rank among the top five reasons why business fail. Our goal is to assist clients in establishing accounting systems and procedures which contributes to the success and profitability of the business. Some clients prefer to do their own book keeping and some want as little involvement as possible. We will serve the customer's desire by either providing guidance only or setting up the books and accounting software, training the staff or performing the task on our own. Our staffs are trained to work with some of the commonly used accounting software products such as Quickbooks, Tally, Sage, Focus, Wings, Peachtree and Solomon. Our experienced team will work with you to identify your unique system and software needs. Whether you are considering new technology or looking for ways to capitalize on current technology our professionals are available to assist you. We also provide high quality, cost effective short term project assistance during peak work periods or when the businesses is understaffed due to employee illness. Temporary help includes: * Part time and temporary CFO or controller activities. * Perform monthly, quarterly and year end closings. * Provide temporary support for operational and internal audits. * Design, develop and write procedural manuals. * Assist with financial system implementation. * Management Advisory Services Our Management Consultants can fill the void for our clients. As an effective third party Ethics Plus can analyse your particular situation and help you identify key issues. We work closely with your Attorney, Manager, Agent and other advisors to help you achieve your financial goals. Let us show you the peace of mind that comes with entrusting your financial affairs to experienced professional staff. Our full range of business management services include: * Business planning and performance review. * Monthly cash flow analysis, budgeting and planning. * Assistance with the purchase and acquisition of major fixed assets and analysis of major financial transactions. * Operations review and compliance auditing. * Profitability analysis. * Analysing costing and pricing methods. * Internal accounting control system design and analysis. * General accounting systems design. * Working capital and capital acquisition planning. * Investment analysis. * Monitoring value of asset portfolios. Millions of new businesses are started every year all over the world and about 80% of all new businesses fail with in five years. As the Owner or Manager of a business you shall never stop investigating new ideas to improve all areas of your business. The more astute owner will gather all necessary information to assist him or her making the changes necessary to stay profitable in a competitive business world. To be successful in business you must manage numerous complex issues. More difficult still, you must improve performance faster than the competition. * Litigation Services Ethics Plus can provide assistance to defence parties or corporate management by investigating and determination of financial data, computation of damages, settlement of disputes, creditworthiness audits, arbitration reports or company evaluations. We can act as experts in the settlement of disputes and provide necessary reports to the courts. The special characteristics of our reports are the comprehensive analysis of all facts and the final resume, which meets international standards. * Audit Services More than a historical review, an effective audit can be a powerful tool for positive change. Our audit services division provides an independent opinion of and adds credibility to management financial statements. You will work with seasoned, professionally trained auditors using the latest available technologies ensuring minimum disruption to day to day operations. We can perform interim procedures, which will greatly reduce the time spent on the site during your audit. On completion of our work you will receive a management report ascertaining whether your internal control system meet the significant risks in logistics and EDP and commenting on business efficiency in using resources and achieving objectives.

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