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Al Saqr Fibreglass Factory
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Mr. Vijayan Puzhankara
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United Arab Emirates
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AL SAQR Fiberglass Factory L.L.C, set up in the year 1994 is a quality and competitive manufacturer of industrial and decorative fiberglass moulding products. The company is one of the leading and well established fiberglass product manufacturer located at Sharjah in U.A.E. AL SAQR manufacturers custom made products associated with construction, transportation, furniture and civil engineering industries. AL SAQR focus on quality and aim to achieve total customer satisfaction both in the products as well as in service. AL SAQR has a strong presence and market share in U.A.E, G.C.C countries and exports to European counties and wish to spread its wings to other countries. TANKS * Cylindrical type, Sectional type & Custom made tank * Septic tank & Soak away * Chemical storage tank * Tanks for sewerage treatment projects:- 1. Buffer tank 2. Flash mixing tank 2. Dosing tank 4. Hydrochloric acid storage tank 3. Flocculation tank etc…… * G.R.P / F.R.P. Lining on steel tank & Underground RCC Tank * G.R.P. Lining for manholes , Prefab houses & Bath rooms DUCTS * A/C Duct, Fan Duct, Cable Duct & A/C Drain tray BOXES * Boxes for water meter, Gas meter, Fire hose, Life jacket , Firemen out fit box etc….. * Flower Pot, Enclosures etc…… AUTOMOTIVE * Automobile body, Wind shield for truck, Mud guard etc….. SANITARY PRODUCTS * Bathtub, Shower Cubicle ,Shower tray, Sink etc…. And any kind of custom made quality products. OTHERS * Manhole Liner , Manhole seal , Ladder with Safety cage, Gally pots, Drain pots, Sediment bucket, Car sheds, Canopy, Translucent Shee, Waffle mould & Trug mould Manufacturers of all Fibreglass Products # Tanks # Car Parking sheds # Sectional Tanks # GRP Enclosures # Stadium Chairs & Team Shelters # GRP Water Tank, Panels & Cylindricals # Septic tanks / Soak-aways # Galley Pots # Car parking sheds # Stadium Benches &chairs # Waffle Moulds # manhole Liners # Canopies # In situ Liners # AC trays / Ducts # Meter Cabinets # Domes & Minarets # Cable Tray Supports # Slides & Swings # Coping Stones # Custom -made requirements etc.

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