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Al Wathba Marionnet LLC
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Eng. Osama Ayyash
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Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
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"Al Wathba Marionnet LLC" is a leading plant bio-technology company established in Abu Dhabi in 1997, as part of the U.A.E. Offsets program between France and the United Arab Emirates. It is considered to be one of the world's most important producer of Date Palms through plant tissue culture technology. Al Wathba owns a laboratory in Al Ain city where it propagates high quality varieties of date palm in mass quantities to satisfy the increasing demand locally and internationally. Thus, making U.A.E. an important center to supply the region and the world with pest-free, true-to-type tissue cultured date palms. Al Wathba Marionnet propagates more than 14 date palm varieties with origins from; U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Morocco. Additionally, Al Wathba looks into the rare date palm varieties of superior quality and propagate those which thrive under the climatic conditions of U.A.E. and the region. Hence, making rare varieties of date palm available to farmers in big quantities and at reasonable costs. Of these rare superior varieties Al Wathba produces: Zamli, Nawader, Ashal Al Hassa, Ashal Khalas, Um Ed Dahan, Mumtaza in addition to the males: Ghannami and Al Sekka. In the other hand, Al Wathba Marionnet dedicate itself on producing high quality date palm trees. This shows clearly in its strict and accurate production protocols and procedures, which are kept updated with the latest developments of Tissue Culture technology. As part of its commitment in ensuring the genetic constancy and true-to-type state of the trees, Al Wathba Marionnet attaches a great importance to monitor their genetic stability all along the in-vitro process through carrying out genetic finger printing tests. These tests are regularly carried out on random samples of plants at several growth stages by the G.E.V.E.S. "Group for Control and Survey of Varieties and Seeds" which belongs to the French Ministry of Agriculture. Nowadays, hundreds of thousands of Al Wathba Marionnet palms are producing tons of high quality dates in different parts of the U.A.E. along with 16 other countries all around the world.

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