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Marble Grinding & polishing Services

Architects and designers today are discovering countless creative applications for marble, and marble that is properly maintained will enhance the beauty and value of home or business Unfortunately, new marble is raw and unprotected and is very susceptible to staining, and marring from heavy foot traffic For this reason it is wise to protect the investment from the start There are correct and incorrect methods for maintaining each specific type of marble While improper maintenance may give the desired appearance, it can cause deterioration which may go unnoticed for years

The most typical failing of these methods concerns the use of waxes, polymers and synthetic finishes, which are used to coat the marble with a durable film Unfortunately, these coatings will not allow the stone to naturally breathe and the harsh alkalinity of strippers needed to refinish them off causes efflorescence, which will also deteriorate the marble
Continued use of these outdated techniques will eventually damage the marble so extensively that costly replacement will become the only option In essence the investment becomes a liability Fortunately, MCMC has combined modern technology and space age materials to create a stone care system that makes sense! Whether the stone is old or new, the MCMC system offers a safe, beautiful, durable surface which enhances the value and enjoyment of the precious dimensional stone

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