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Empost was established in May 1997 with the aim to fulfil all your courier and communication needs for express delivery UAE-wide. Over time, Empost has evolved to cater to your growing and diverse business needs by providing a cost effective international courier express service and country wide distribution infrastructure through its transportation network, a fleet of over 180 vehicles and a team of over 250 specialised staff members providing you with friendly and professional service.

Empost offers a host of value-added services such as personal collection and delivery of your business or personal mail, Mandoub Services, Empost Direct and Empost Stores, where you can purchase a range of courier, postal and stationery products.

Our key to success is delivering customised courier solutions that are both scalable to current requirements and adaptable to future needs. Empost provides door-to-door courier for both Domestic and International. We pick up from a customers of...
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